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Visit the West Rim

Wildwasser-Rafting mit Helikopter-Tour

In diesem abenteuerlichen Rafting-Abenteuer im Grand Canyon über eine Distanz von etwa 64 Kilometern ist der Hubschraubertransport zum und vom Grund des Canyons inbegriffen.

Helikopter Wasser Abenteuertour


13 - 14 Stunden



West Rim Motorcoach with Heli, Boat, and Skywalk

Das West Rim des Grand Canyon steht für einzigartige Abenteuer, die Sie sonst nirgendwo erleben können. Nutzen Sie jetzt die Gelegenheit!

Bus Helikopter Hoover Dam Skywalk Landung am Grund Am Rande des Abgrunds Wasser Abenteuertour


12 Stunden



West Rim Motorcoach with Helicopter and Boat

It’s a bit like a triathlon event of touring, but you don’t have to train to participate. You just have to be on time for pick-up from your Las Vegas hotel.

Bus Helikopter Hoover Dam Landung am Grund Am Rande des Abgrunds Wasser Abenteuertour


12 Stunden



Grand Canyon West Rim-Bustour inkl. Skywalk

Genießen Sie in unserem Luxusbus auf der Fahrt zum West Rim des Grand Canyon VIP-Komfort. Von der Skywalk-Brücke in 1200 m Höhe bietet sich Ihnen ein unvergesslicher Blick auf die einzigartigen Canyonwände.

Bus Hoover Dam Skywalk Am Rande des Abgrunds


12 Stunden



Grand Canyon West Rim-Bustour

Genießen Sie in unserem mordernen Reisebus eine unvergleichliche Sightseeing-Tour durch den Grand Canyon und bewundern Sie dessen einmalige Formationen.

Bus Am Rande des Abgrunds Hoover Dam


12 Stunden



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Visit the South Rim

South Rim Motorcoach Tour With Hummer

Live your dream of visiting the Grand Canyon and hit the open road with our Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour.

Bus IMAX Abenteuertour





South Rim Motorcoach Tour with Helicopter

Unsere South Rim-Bustour mit Helikopterflug startet in Las Vegas und führt Sie mit Bus und Helikopter zum South Rim und dem Dragon Corridor.

Bus Helikopter Am Rande des Abgrunds





South Rim Motorcoach Tour

Unser hochmoderner Reisebus bringt Sie zu einem der landschaftlich reizvollsten Nationalparks des Landes. Erleben Sie die majestätische Weite des Grand Canyon von verschiedenen spektakulären Aussichtspunkten aus. Die Natur mit ihren einzigartigen Wäldern bietet eine unvergleichliche Umgebung.

Bus Am Rande des Abgrunds





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Visit the Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam Bus Tour

Wir bringen Sie in einem komfortablen Reisebus zum Hoover Dam. Dort angekommen erkunden Sie die faszinierende Technik in seinem Inneren und blicken vom höchsten Punkt dieses imposanten Bauwerks über 200 Meter in die Tiefe.

Bus Hoover Dam





Hoover Dam Deluxe-Bustour und Helikopter-Rundflug

Entdecken Sie auf einer geführten Tour das Innere des Hoover Dam und erfahren Sie mehr über die Geschichte und die Funktionsweise dieses Wunderwerks der Technik. Steigen Sie anschließend in unseren hochmodernen Helikopter und betrachten Sie das gewaltige Bauwerk aus der Luft. Daneben sehen Sie auch den Colorado River und Lake Mead.

Helikopter Bus Hoover Dam


7 bis 7,5 STUNDEN



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Las Vegas Bus Trips and Features

Hop on a Las Vegas bus trip to enjoy a day of sightseeing in the American Southwest. Las Vegas is surrounded by some of the most famously magnificent natural and man-made landscapes in the world. The Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead are all just a stone's throw away. Climb aboard one of our state-of-the-art motorcoaches to view these desert marvels.

South Rim Bus Tours from Las Vegas

Let one of Papillon's platinum Las Vegas bus tour vehicles whisk you away to the famous South Rim of the Grand Canyon. This famous portion of the national park contains some of the most awe-inspiring and photogenic landscapes in the world.

Aboard a Las Vegas Grand Canyon South Rim Tour, you'll travel from Las Vegas across the Mojave Desert before arriving at the canyon's rim. Bus tours from Las Vegas to South Rim come complete with hotel pickup and dropoff, a complimentary meal, and plenty of scenic lookouts and photo opportunities.

Book a Grand Canyon bus tour South Rim from Las Vegas

West Rim Bus Tours from Las Vegas

Embark on a sightseeing adventure to the West Rim Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. While cruising aboard one of Papillon's modern motorcoaches, you will gaze out at the engineering marvel of the Hoover Dam, the rare Joshua Tree forest, and the exquisite Hualapai Nation of the Grand Canyon West.

Round out your memorable day trip with a walk along the glass, horseshoe-shaped Skywalk Grand Canyon. This floating bridge juts out 70 feet beyond the Grand Canyon's ledge, and enables incomparable views of the landform that puts all other landforms to shame. Bus tours also include hotel pickup, a brief stop at the Hoover Dam, and a complimentary lunch.

Book a Grand Canyon West Rim bus tours from Las Vegas

Hoover Dam Bus Tours from Las Vegas

Interested in spending more time at one of the engineering marvels of the modern world? Travel from Las Vegas in comfort aboard Papillon's Hoover Dam bus tour. This tour includes photo opportunities of the dam from the observation deck and a VIP interior tour of the Hoover Dam.

While driving through this exciting venue, professional tour guides will educate and entertain you with fun facts about the massive dam. For example, did you know that the Hoover Dam has enough concrete to construct a full-sized highway from one end of the United States to the other? Now that's a long ride.

Book a Las Vegas to Hoover Dam tour

Upgrade Your Las Vegas Bus Tour

With Papillon, bus tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon aren't limited to the ground. With so many exquisite views available from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, why limit yourself to just one perspective? With Papillon, you're able to upgrade your bus tour to include a helicopter or airplane flight as well.

Take a guided bus tour inside the Hoover Dam, learning the groundbreaking history of the structure, then board a helicopter tour from Las Vegas to get an aerial view of the dam and Lake Mead, the massive body of water it created. Or, conclude your bus tour with one of our airplane tours flying to the Grand Canyon, where you can take in the natural beauty of the desert landscape from a bird's eye view.

Check out upgrade options when selecting your bus tour of choice.

FAQs for Bus Tours in Las Vegas

Which days do bus tour operate?
  • Most Papillon bus tours from Las Vegas operate 365 days a year. Our tour offerings are limited to bus and airplane tours on Christmas Day.

I Am Traveling in a Group. Do You Have Services for Us or a Group Discount Program?
  • Papillon’s Las Vegas bus tours are the ideal vacation outing for groups. Our terminals, fleet capacity, and staff are well equipped to show the wonders and stunning beauty of the Grand Canyon to groups of up to 300+ passengers. 

    • Small to medium groups (up to 29 people) can be booked directly on our website. Learn more about booking groups on the Groups and Incentives page.
    • For larger group bookings, call us toll free at (888) 261-1611 or email to reach out Group Services department.

    Booking via our Group Services department also ensures that the passengers, whenever possible, travel together on the same aircraft or automobile and follow the same schedule. 

What Las Vegas Hotels Do You Pick Up From?
  • We pick up from a select number of major Las Vegas hotels on the Strip and Downtown.

    If you are not staying at one of the major Las Vegas hotels, simply travel to the nearest one. You do not have to be staying at a hotel to be picked up by one of our shuttles.

Can I Book a Tour When I Arrive?
  • Of course! We are happy to take bookings for bus tours in Las Vegas on arrival. However, better prices are available online.

Do you offer van tours for small groups?
  • Yes!  We offer a variety of Sprinter (small van) tours originating from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon as well as Hoover Dam.

    See our list of Sprinter Tours