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Flug über den Grand Canyon

Flugzeugtour zum South Rim

Fliegen Sie an Bord eines unserer Vistaliner-Flugzeuge vom South Rim zum East Rim des Canyons. Diese günstige Tour bietet atemberaubende Ausblicke auf viele Sehenswürdigkeiten des Grand Canyon wie beispielsweise Imperial Point, eine von der Natur geschaffene freistehende Felssäule.

Available Monday, June 1st 2020



40 bis 45 MINUTEN



Antelope Canyon with River Rafting

Erleben Sie die Landschaft aus der Luft und am Canyongrund! Genießen Sie zunächst den Blick auf den Grand Canyon aus einem unserer speziellen Flugzeuge und entspannen Sie sich dann auf einem unserer motorisierten Schlauchboote, während Sie den Colorado River zwischen den Felswänden des Glen Canyons hinuntergleiten.

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Grand Canyon Air Tour FAQs

How much is an airplane flight over the Grand Canyon?
  • It depends. The price of each Grand Canyon airplane tour is based on a number of factors. For example, a few of the choices that will impact the price of your trip include:

    • The tour destination
    • The departure location
    • The length of your tour
    • Whether there are any additional experiences or upgrades

    Seem complicated? Don't worry. The cost of each airplane tour is conveniently located next to each individual tour listing. And with Papillon, the rate we quote online is the rate you'll pay. No guesswork required.

    Learn more about fare information and rules for Grand Canyon air tours.

Can you fly through the Grand Canyon?
  • Absolutely! We are the preferred partner of the Grand Canyon National Park and our aircraft are certified to fly the entire Grand Canyon.

Which city is closest to the Grand Canyon?
  • That depends on which side of the Grand Canyon you are on.

    Las Vegas is the closest city to the Grand Canyon West Rim. It is located about 130 miles from the rim and takes approximately two hours and fifteen minutes to drive.

    Meanwhile, the South Rim is closer to Phoenix. Phoenix is located about 230 miles from the Grand Canyon Visitor Center and takes approximately three hours and thirty minutes to drive.

What other kinds of Grand Canyon tours does Papillon offer?
  • Papillon offers a wide range of Grand Canyon tours. Soar over the Grand Canyon National Park aboard a state-of-the-art helicopter or airplane, or embark on a ground or boat tour to get a close up of the impressive canyon landscapes. Here are just a few of the amazing types of tours available.

    • Grand Canyon helicopter tours
    • Grand Canyon airplane tours
    • Grand Canyon bus tours
    • Grand Canyon adventure tours (rafting, ATV rides, and more)
    • Tours that include the Grand Canyon Skywalk, Antelope Canyon, or the Hoover Dam

    Discover all the incredible Grand Canyon tours with Papillon today.

What do I need to bring on my Grand Canyon airplane tour?
    • Bring your I.D. All passengers booked on a tour must have a government-issued form of identification.
    • Bring a bottle of water. All passengers are allowed to bring water, however, the bottle is not allowed to be open in the aircraft
    • Bring your camera. Cameras and phones are allowed and encouraged.
    • Wear layered clothing and sensible shoes. If you are embarking on an air tour in October through mid-March, winter clothing is recommended.
Do you offer Grand Canyon airplane tours for groups?
  • We do! Our airplanes can each transport either 9 or between 17 to 19 passengers, making airplane tours the perfect adventure for groups. From conference teams to wedding parties, families and beyond, your group can experience the thrill of the Grand Canyon together.

    Our teams have incomparable expertise in itinerary development and will create a convenient travel plan for even the most logistically-challenging group tours.

    Please contact our groups and incentives department to learn more about customizing your groups Grand Canyon air tour.

Discover Airplane Tours of the Grand Canyon

Air Tours of the Grand Canyon National Park

Take flight in a fixed-wing aircraft over the Grand Canyon National Park. From the air, you'll gaze across the vast expanse of the Grand Canyon South Rim and straight down to the canyon floor. Capture aerial views of the Zuni Corridor, Imperial Point, Confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado Rivers, Kaibab National Forest, and Kaibab Plateau aboard your first-rate airplane tour of the Grand Canyon National Park.

Discover all Grand Canyon South Rim tours.

Air Tours of the Grand Canyon West Rim

Buckle up and enjoy the remarkable aerial sights of the Grand Canyon West Rim aboard a sightseeing airplane tour. Soar over Eagle Point and Guano Point and gaze straight down to the Colorado River running along the canyon floor.

Papillon's airplanes are completely designed with our guests' safety, comfort, and sightseeing needs in mind. The soaring vantage point will allow even amateur photographers to shoot professional-level photos to cherish for a lifetime.

Similar to our Grand Canyon West Rim helicopter tours, airplane tours can include essential West Rim stops at the glass Skywalk, Hualapai Ranch, and the best 360-degree lookout points that the canyon has to offer.

Learn more about touring the West Rim of the Grand Canyon

Departure Terminals for Grand Canyon Air Tours

Grand Canyon Airplane Tours from Las Vegas

The Grand Canyon is one of the most captivating landscapes in the world. Every year, millions of people travel to see the brilliant red canyon walls, the sun reflecting off of the Colorado River, and the foliage and animals that inhabit the land.

What better way to experience these magnificent sights than from the bird's-eye view from a Papillon airplane tour. Many people are surprised to learn that Las Vegas is just a short distance from the Grand Canyon. While you are in Las Vegas, take a break from the neon signs and city streets for an unforgettable aerial experience.

Discover Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas

Grand Canyon Airplane Tours from South Rim

Are you already planning a trip to the Grand Canyon National Park? Enhance your adventure with an airplane tour from our South Rim Grand Canyon terminal. By the time you arrive back at the South Rim terminal, you'll have enough photos and memories to last a lifetime.

Grand Canyon Airplane Tours from West Rim

Airplane tours launching from the West Rim of the Grand Canyon include a scenic flight over Grand Canyon West and the Colorado River. During these world-class tours, you'll also get to check out destinations like Hualapai Ranch, Eagle Point, and Guano Point.

If you're already planning a day trip to this side of the canyon, consider rounding out your adventure with an air tour for a truly unforgettable experience.