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Flug über den Grand Canyon

North Canyon Family Flight

Recommend for groups of 4+. Fly our world famous North Canyon tour on an aircraft dedicated exclusively for yourself and your family/friends.

Available now!



30 Minuten

Imperial mit Ecostar

Erkunden Sie den North und den East Rim, den tiefsten Teil des Grand Canyon mit 1,7 Millionen Jahre altem Gestein, vom EcoStar-Helikopter aus, der mit 180-Grad-Panoramafenstern und Sitzen in Stadion-Anordnung ausgestattet ist.

Available Saturday, May 30th 2020



40 bis 50 Minuten



Imperial Air Tour on Eco Family Flight

Recommend for groups of 4+. Take the Imperial Air tour on an aircraft dedicated exclusively for yourself and your family/friends.

Available Sunday, June 14th 2020



45 - 50 Minuten

Smooth Water-Bustour

Folgen Sie auf unserer Smooth River-Bustour dem Ruf des Colorado Rivers. Auf dieser etwa 25 Kilometer langen Rafting-Tour gleiten unsere Gäste sanft durch den Glen Canyon und können wunderbare Fotos von den Felszeichnungen an den Canyonwänden machen.

Available Monday, June 15th 2020

Bus Wasser Abenteuertour





Antelope Canyon with River Rafting

Erleben Sie die Landschaft aus der Luft und am Canyongrund! Genießen Sie zunächst den Blick auf den Grand Canyon aus einem unserer speziellen Flugzeuge und entspannen Sie sich dann auf einem unserer motorisierten Schlauchboote, während Sie den Colorado River zwischen den Felswänden des Glen Canyons hinuntergleiten.

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Flugzeug Bus Wasser Abenteuer




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Grand Canyon Tour FAQs

What cities feature tours to the Grand Canyon?
How much is a tour of the Grand Canyon?
  • It depends. The price of each Grand Canyon tour is based on multiple factors. 

    • The type of tour - Papillon offers helicopter, airplane, ground, and boat tours of the Grand Canyon.
    • The length of your tour - Tours can range from a few minutes to overnight excursions. 
    •  Whether there are any additional experiences or upgrades added to the tour.

    Seem complicated? Don't worry. The cost of each tour is conveniently located next to each individual tour listing. And with Papillon, the rate we quote online is the rate you'll pay. No guesswork required.

What is the best time of the year to visit the Grand Canyon?
  • The Spring and Fall are widely considered the best times of the year to make a trip to the Grand Canyon. During these periods, the daytime temperatures are cool and the crowds are thin.

Is Antelope Canyon near the Grand Canyon?
  • Antelope Canyon is located about 2 hours northeast of the Grand Canyon South Rim.

    Luckily with Papillon, you don’t have to make the drive. Simply hop aboard an airplane from the Grand Canyon South Rim for a full-day adventure. Not only will you soar over the breathtaking landscapes of the Grand Canyon, you’ll also get to explore the mystical Antelope Canyon and float along the Colorado River on a motorized raft.

    Learn more about the Grand Canyon airplane tour with Antelope Canyon and river rafting excursions.

How much is the entrance fee to the Grand Canyon?
  • If you are not booking a tour through Papillon, the minimum price to visit the West Rim is $47.74 per person. The entrance fee for the Grand Canyon National Park, which spans both the North Rim and South Rim, is $35 per vehicle or $20 per person.

    With Papillon’s world-class helicopter, airplane, or bus tours, the cost of entry to the Grand Canyon is already included in your tour price. Plus you’ll get to experience incredible views that you couldn’t access on your own. That’s a price you just can’t beat!

The Best Tours to the Grand Canyon

At Papillon, our goal is to offer some of the most innovative tours of the Grand Canyon that you and your family could ever imagine. From the canyon floor to the desert sky and everything in between, our tours have you covered. 

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Gaze across the Grand Canyon’s vast expanse and straight down to the depths of the canyon floor when you fly in one of our state-of-the-art helicopters. During helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon with Papillon, you can expect best-in-class safety, service, and sightseeing. 

We are the preferred provider for the Grand Canyon National Park Service and we're certified to fly the entire Grand Canyon. Our world-class helicopter tours also have access to exclusive landing sites at the bottom of the West Rim.

We are proud to fly the most advanced tour helicopters available. Our EC-130s provide forward-facing, theater-style seating for unobstructed 180-degree views of the canyon’s majestic landscapes.

Discover all of the Grand Canyon helicopter tours today.

Grand Canyon Airplane Tours

Experience magnificent aerial views soaring over the Grand Canyon aboard one of Papillon’s first-rate airplane tours. Our aircraft are equipped with headphones for tour narration in multiple languages, climate-controlled cabins, and high wings for unobstructed sightseeing of the magnificent desert scenery. 

Discover all of the Grand Canyon airplane tours with Papillon.

Grand Canyon Boat Tours

Are you ready to escape the crowds at the Grand Canyon? Let one of our motorized pontoon boats float you along the peaceful waters of the Colorado River. These peaceful cruises offer breathtaking sights of the ancient canyon walls rising on either side of you. Water adventures are available from both the Grand Canyon South Rim and West Rim.

Grand Canyon Ground Tours

Hop on a luxurious motorcoach or sprinter tour to the Grand Canyon. Aboard these daylong tours, you'll experience magnificent views of the Southwestern desert en route to the Grand Canyon West or South Rim. Once there, you can enjoy the close-up views of the Grand Canyon's breathtaking landscapes.

Are you already at the Grand Canyon National Park and want to add a little adventure? Book a Hummer tour and travel to many of the South Rim's most remarkable sights. During your tour along the historic Desert View Drive, you’ll make several photo stops at scenic viewpoints and lookouts.

Tours of the Grand Canyon South Rim

Whether by airplane, ground, or via helicopter, the Grand Canyon National Park features some of the most majestic topography on the planet. We should know - we've been taking guests on tours of the area for over fifty years!

The Grand Canyon has grown to be one of the most visited destinations in the world. The national park boasts upwards of 6 million tourists each year. Between the breathtaking views and countless activities - Hummer excursions, helicopter tours, airplane tours, and rafting trips to name a few - the Grand Canyon has undoubtedly earned its status as one of the World's Seven Natural Wonders.

Incredible sights and formations can be found in nearly every direction on tours of the Grand Canyon South Rim. Aboard a South Rim helicopter tour, you can catch aerial views of many of these world-renowned landscapes.

  • Glimpse Zuni Point, the scenic overlook nestled into the South Rim
  • Pass over Dragon Corridor, the deepest and widest part of the Grand Canyon
  • Gaze out as you soar over the Kaibab National Forest. This enormous blend of aspens, spruces, pines, and firs is sure to take your breath away. You may even see deer, mountain lions, or black bears in their natural environment. 

Papillon offers incredible ground tours of the Grand Canyon South Rim as well. Hop on board a customized Hummer vehicle for a tour through the Grand Canyon National Park. Hummer tours will stop at several of the Grand Canyon's best lookout points for photos.

Discover all Grand Canyon South Rim Tours

Grand Canyon Tours from Las Vegas

There are only Seven Natural Wonders of the World. When you are in Las Vegas, it's hard not to feel the draw of the Grand Canyon calling out to you. Papillon offers dozens of world-class tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. From Las Vegas, you can experience a helicopter flight to the West Rim that returns at sunset, a daylong road trip to either Grand Canyon rim in a luxurious motorcoach, a whitewater rafting adventure along the Colorado River, and much more.

Discover all tours to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas.